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Zhongshan IDEAL Gifts Co., Ltd.
Produsen kustom
Produk utama: Koin Medali, Lanyard, Gantungan Kunci, Kerah Pin
Annual sales US $1,520,000Competitive OEM factoryMinor customizationSample-based customization


Main product
Silk Screen Printing
1 Color
$0.15 - $0.35
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 100 pieces
113 orders
Main product
$0.15 - $0.35
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 100 pieces
20 orders
Main product
$0.10 - $0.30
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 100 pieces
403 orders
Profil Perusahaan
Unduh laporan
by Intertek
Tanggal pendaftaran perusahaan2018-05-18
Luas lantai(㎡)1500
Pendapatan ekspor tahunan (USD)1500000
Bahasa yang diterimaEnglish
Tahun mengekspor6
Tahun di industri6
Kemampuan produksi
Lini produksi3
Total output tahunan (unit)11400000
Mesin produksi23
Kontrol kualitas
Dukungan Produk ketertelusuran bahan bakuYes
Metode pemeriksaan produkAccording to client's requirement
Kontrol kualitas dilakukan di semua lini produksiYes
Pemeriksa QA/QC5
Latar belakang perdagangan
Pasar utamaNorth America(20%), Western Europe(15%), Southeast Asia(10%)
Mitra rantai pasokan20
Jenis klien utamaRetailer, Wholesaler, Brand business, For private use
Kemampuan R&D
Opsi kustomisasilight customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand
Produk baru yang diluncurkan pada tahun lalu5400
Staf teknis R&D18
Tingkat pendidikan staf teknis R&D10 graduate, 8 juniorCollege
oleh Intertek
Layanan kustomisasi untuk pesanan dengan MOQ rendah
Lowest min. order: 100 (15-day dispatch)
Covering 2 categories
Including 1804 products
Lihat Selengkapnya
$0.15 - $0.50
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 100 pieces
$0.12 - $0.60
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 100 pieces
Ulasan Perusahaan (146)
4.9 /5
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Great quality enamel pins, with a very smooth professional attention to detail. I love them. But above all, the best experience was the customer service provided by Mercy. I had never produced enamel pins, so at one point I had to simplify my designs. Then resend, and she guided me all the way. I really appreciate her patience, in explaining the process to me. Thank you.

Tanggapan dari pemasok:

wow. thank you sooooo much for your feedback These pins look very beautiful!!very nice to work with you and hope to have more works with you in the future!
21 May 2024
Very happy with everything. Custom badges were perfect just how we wanted them and in great time too. Service was efficient and nothing left to chance with detailed planning and no problem with alterations.

    Tanggapan dari pemasok:

    Dear, thank you for your positive comments and feedback. Your encouragement will keep us moving forward♡. Look forward to serving you again!♡ - Renee
    21 May 2024
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